Notifications are not an easy task especially when it comes to cross-platform Application Development using flutter. Currently, there are some packages like flutter-local-notification and recently launched awesome_notifications but scheduling notification is still a challenge as these packages use a local database which is not useful in the case of multi-device usage by a single user or by any chance of reinstalling the application. To avoid this problem instead of using local notification use a centralised system especially when scheduling a notification.


Firebase functions are the best solution for your notification problem but instead of using HTTP triggered or real-time database…

I was working on a project for an organization as a freelancer in which I had to track the worker’s location, I used Flutter SDK. The app needs to track real-time location while staying in the background as well, so I used google navigation in the foreground to navigate my worker to a location and to track location in the background I used a flutter plugin “background_location. This plugin was tracking location while the app stays in the foreground, but as soon as it goes in the background it stops tracking, I followed all the steps listed in the documentation…

Sanjog Satyarthi

A Cross-Platform app developer Flutter SDK | Firebase backend Services |Arduino Programmer

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